Organisation of R&D

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The Forest Growers Levy Trust allocates funding to research and development. The joint FOA/FFA Research Committee makes recommendations via FOA on research priorities for funding based on the priorities set out in an industry Science and Innovation Strategy. The Research Committee also provides oversight of research programme delivery via Technical Committees for each Research Programme. Each Technical Committee has an industry lead person, who is a member of the Research Committee and a Science Programme Leader from the primary research provider. 

The Steep Land Harvesting Programmes which does not currently receive levy funding, is led by a Programme Steering Group comprising industry and Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) representatives. A Technical Steering Team, comprising industry people knowledgeable on steep slope harvesting, provide the technical direction for this programme. FFR and the research programs are managed by FOA with programme governance provided by a small Board representing industry investors.


The New Zealand Forest Owners Association (FOA) represents the owners of New Zealand’s commercial plantation forests. Its members own or manage around two-thirds of the country’s 1.79 million hectares of plantation forest and are responsible for over 80% of the annual harvest. 
In conjunction with the NZ Farm Forestry Association, FOA is providing secretariat support to the Forest Growers Levy Trust who are now the largest industry funder of forest growing sector research and development.
Through a joint FOA/FFA Research Advisory Committee industry oversight and direction is provided to industry funded research programmes.


Future Forests Research (FFR) was formed in 2007 to co-ordinate industry input and funding of research programmes relevant to the forest growing sector.

Three of its major research programmes, Intensive Forest Systems (Radiata Management), Diverse Forest Species and Protecting and Enhancing the Environment through Forests, funded jointly by the Ministry for Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and industry were completed in late 2013. 

The introduction of the new Forest Growing Levy in 2013 resulted in changes to the organisation of research in the forest growing sector and the joint FOA/FFA Research Committee is now the primary body responsible for forest growing research.
FFR has been refocused on steep land harvesting research, as the programme is not funded by the new forest growing levy, but is being managed by FOA to ensure there is overall co-ordination of the research.