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Forest Growers Research News - October 2015

- Forest Growers Research Conference 2015
- Forest Research Committee Update
- Research Projects Supported by the Forest Growers Levy Trust
- Sustainable Farming Fund Applications Targeting Small Growers
- Specialty Wood Products Partnership
- FFR Steep Land Harvesting Research
- Recently Published Research Results

Harvesting and Logistics Forum Presentations: 26 November 2014
Forest Growers Research News - August 2014
  • Changes to Organisation of R&D
  • Research Programmes Supported by the Forest Growing Levy Trust
  • Forest Growing Research Conference
  • Access to Research Results and FFR Website
2013 FFR Industry Leaders Forum Presentations

2013 FFR Industry Leaders Forum

Presentations to Forest Industry Leaders on Tuesday 15th October 2013.

FFR 2013 Annual Science Report
Four Corners June 2013

In this publication:

  • Satellites Aid Forest Management
  • New Director brings wide experience to Primary Industry
  • Master Classes Pass on Foresetry Research Knowledge
  • Safety a Vital Part of Forest Mechanisation Programme
FFR 2012 Annual Science Report