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2013 FFR Industry Leaders Forum Presentations

2013 FFR Industry Leaders Forum

Presentations to Forest Industry Leaders on Tuesday 15th October 2013.

Four Corners June 2013

In this publication:

  • Satellites Aid Forest Management
  • New Director brings wide experience to Primary Industry
  • Master Classes Pass on Foresetry Research Knowledge
  • Safety a Vital Part of Forest Mechanisation Programme
Four Corners July 2012

In this issue:

  • New Harvester at Work on Slopes
  • Research MoU Signed for Canadian Co-operation
  • Theme Increases Members and Funding
  • FFR Plans Will Maintain Research Momentum
  • Silviculture Sessions Increase Knowledge
  • Project Maps Erosion Risks
  • Grant Funds Work on Weed Control
  • Members Study Landslip Effects
Four Corners October 2011

In this publication:

  • Awards mark key research work
  • New Scion CEO joins FFR Board
  • FFR extends weed research
  • New Tools to help growers
  • Satellite eyes for forestry
  • Kauri Calculator
  • Projects focus on environment
Four Corners April 2011
  • $6.5m Harveting Contract Signed
  • R&D Effects to be Measured
  • Sustainability Work makes Progress
  • Project Tests Wood Quality
  • Innovative Timber Building Technology Advocated
  • FFR Purchases Forecaster
Four Corners June 2010
  • Changes in research funding match FFR's aspirations
  • New maps and analyse potential forest production
  • $3.2m PGP funding aids harvesting research
  • Herbicide may meet FSC requirements
  • Indicators measure sustainability of forestry
Four Corners October 2009
  • Combined theme meeting attracts strong support
  • Inventory system cuts costs
  • Getting the wood on Douglas fir
  • Research addresses productivity, safety of steep land harvesting
  • Benchmarking study will assist logging improvements
  • Updated harvesting handbook produced
Four Corners April 2009
  • Research programme gains momentum on several fronts
  • FFR appoints new director
  • FFR forum attracts industry leaders
  • $2m for climate changte, sustainablility studies
  • Review examines strategy to meet challenging times
Four Corners September 2008
  • Themes direct research funds to industry needs
  • FFR - new player in a key role
  • Collaboration on harvesting theme
  • Gateway to knowledge
  • FFR directors link industry & research