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Validation of qPCR assays for Cyclaneusma minus 'simile' and 'verum' and assessment with Pinus radiata of varying susceptibility (Executive Summary Only) 30/06/2016 ND-T016
Monitoring red needle cast and its relationship with weather factors (Executive Summary Only) 30/06/2016 ND-T013
Spatial assessment of Red Needle Cast observations 30/06/2016 ND-T012
qPCR methods for quantification of RNC inoculum in the field 30/06/2016 ND-T011
Effect of A.I. rate and adjuvant addition on uptake of phosphorus acid formulation “Foschek” 05/10/2015 ND-T010
Adjuvant stability tests with Phosphorous acid formulations - PPC report 05/10/2015 ND-T009
Development of quantitative molecular assays for Cyclaneusma minus "smile" and "verum" (Exec summary only to date) 05/10/2015 ND-T008
Understanding red needle cast inoculum dynamics in the field 05/10/2015 ND-T007
Minimum Phytophthora pluvialis zoospore concentration for red needle cast infection in planta (Exec summary only to date) 05/10/2015 ND-T006
Evaluation of foliar applied copper to control red needle cast disease in P. radiata 14/09/2014 ND-T005
Efficacy and Persistence of Phosphite for Control of RNC in Pinus radiata 14/08/2014 ND-T004
Molecular Differentiation and Distribution of Cyclaneusma minus morphotypes from Pinus radiata in New Zealand 14/08/2014 ND-T003
Chemical Control of Red Needle Cast 14/08/2014 ND-T002
Minimum zoosport Concentration for Red Needle Cast Infection 14/08/2014 ND-T001
Needle Disease Strategy Technical Report Index 14/08/2016 ND-T000